Thursday, May 29, 2008


I know I know I'm sorry, I'll post pics as soon as I can find a comp that will let me do it! =)

I'm alive; 134 miles, 2 pant sizes later

I made it to Waynesboro! I'm sorry to keep everyone in the dark so long, as it turns out it's pretty hard to update Internet blogs while you live in the woods and walk all day. But first things first, Geronimo and I have been gone from Daleville 14 days; we are happier, stronger, and a little wiser than when we left May 15.
Sheri asked me the other day "Do you love it?" I had to think about it. This trip, this trail, is something I have been dreaming about since high school. It's pretty surreal to wake up everyday in the woods with strangers/ new friends and plug out somewhere between 8-13 miles. My hip bothers me, I developed some blisters on the feet, my back has irritated scars from my pack, and I burnt my rainpants/leg/foodbag etc with my stove (more on that later). It's hard to get Geronimo enough fat, seeing as he is naturally very lean and we are bother burning so many calories. Many of you have been curious "when I was expecting" and I can tell you, 134 miles of backpacking later the "baby" is G O N E. So don't ask me anymore!
Everyday I sleep in a different place. It's glorious to move through a landscape at a pace that allows you to absorb your surroundings. The views are stunning. In Montabello I found out from the Dutch Haus caretakers that the stretch of trail from Daleville to Waynesboro gives conditions NOBO ers a run for their money with Apple Orchard Mountain, The Priest, and Three Ridges all being over 4,000 feet and Jennings Creek, The James River, and the Tye River all being around 1,000 feet or lower. Poor Ben was with me for about all of that, carrying who knows how much weight in Scott's pack, his first experience backpacking. Ben is a backpacking champ, don't let anyone tell you differently.
There are so many stories to catch ya'll up on and not enough time on my library slot so for now we'll keep it concise, and fill in details later.
Do I love it? I'm starting to go a little crazy because as I walked from John Wolfe Shelter (which is awesome btw) to Waynesboro I came up with something in my head. There are about 5 places I would want/ choose to be right now. They are, in no particular order: The Appalachian Trail, Camp Alta Mons, Missoula, MT , anywhere with Dacia dizzle, or in the arms of another half hearted fanatic. All of these places I've been before, I feel certain that I will be at all of the them again. Before I left for the AT this March I read Ecclesiastes, for everything there is a time under heaven. I broke it down and prayed over each " a time to blank, a time to blank" one per day. And that's the way it goes, you know? There is a time for everything. For me, for now, I am pulled, magnetically to the AT north to Maine. It is my time for that. Do I think of being other places, sure. Do I love it, yes. And right now, right here, is right where I need to be =)
Love to everyone. I miss you all!!