Thursday, October 20, 2011

yeah october

A few weeks ago when I was playing hostel hostess in my spacious home I had 3 guests non so impressed with my energy conservation... "it's cold in here! if we wanted to camp we'd go to the woods!..." not saying... just saying... so I turned on my heat, for the first time. This October has been warmer than Virginia Octobers of my past, and aside from a few chilly days, tonight is still one of the first cold fall nights.
The leaves and light are so lovely. Every fall and spring as clouds and winds roll through a landscape I think my heart may burst from the lovliness of it all.
I haven't been writing or photographing much the past year ish. It's a quiet time for me. But on this cold windy fall night, after homemade quiche, wine, and girl time (heeeyyyy)I just want to pause for a moment and share the warmth and joy of this season.
It's weird having a season change while I don't live and work outside. I've had a few mini adventures, but could definitely go for a few day trip sometime soon. Lately I'm adventuring in the wild wonderful world of weddings and town meanderings. It's no Missoula... but mostly a nice change. I got just what I wanted with scaling back work hours in order to have a personal life, and I continue to be blessed by stumbling into new friendships and continuing those in place before this Roanoke return.
The light may not be so lovely for long, the friendly inspiration and warmth may or may not stick around as nights are filled with longer hours.
But for now... I'm basking in love and joy with every falling leaf and heartfelt giggle.
hope you are too.