Sunday, August 22, 2010

"I walked past Allendale and all the lights were off" my new text said last night. Allendale, the scene for the brilliant life chapter between college and thru hiking. Kind of sad, kind of fitting.
I've spent the past week resting, recooping, and recharging from months of motion. I've spent it in the familiar stomping grounds of Roanoke / Botetourt. Life is so brilliant here; despite my transient existence where the only seeming constant is change. Coming here I seamlessly pick up the longest dearest friendships of my life with drinks, meals, walks, talks, adventure. We make quality time together a priority and nourish one another holistically.
I do miss this place while I'm gone. Still - not enough to reside here indefinately.
This week I have bounced between a fullness nearing elation and a fullness of desire deep enough to ache restless in wee small hours under a waxing moon. All within the quiet contentment trademark of my current life chapter.
Small realizations this week: my brother is an amazing person, my friends are loving hilarious and so giving, The New River is my favorite in Virginia, I adore a spacious comfy bed, and I still need to "pick a duck and shoot".
Fall season starts tommorrow while butterflies gather licking salty ground in these late summer days. Last fall homeless nights were spent in stress. Two falls ago there was summit, giardia and retreat. There is never an expectation of perfection - only a quest to live the fullest joyful life possible. Perhaps I'm fine tuning things.
Regardless, the nights are cooling, days shortening, and I intend to breathe deeper.
A quiet calling to prayer and letting guards down lures me into this new season.
Besides, the lights are off and I no longer hold keys to the past. So I look to the present and future with hope and grounded roots.