Saturday, March 13, 2010

Opened in Time

Leaves that should've detached in November are finally falling from trees. Spring is progressing with two steps forward and one step back. Can it really be? A green Montana?
I hope so. Missoula needs to spring back to life. Fall never quite happened, winter barely made a name for itself, employers have shut down, and the city as a whole feels out of sync. It's amazing - what a change of season will to do a place - or a person for that matter.
As ground thaws and I approach my year anniversary of Montana life I reflect on these seasons, and the ones ahead. I write little because I still have no clear path, though my heart is full and head dizzy weighing and pursuing options.
Winter has been pensive and searching. I'm not sure what else to catch you up on.

Overall though life is fine. I'm still serving coffee, singing to myself in the basement Monday-Friday and walking this beautiful landscape with the dogs every evening.

I hope spring is bringing fresh air to your life, and to give you a sunny update on mine soon =)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


There is much and little to say all at the same time.
I feel more than write. I work and push towards progress the most.
I spent the last week of February where I grew up, in Virginia. A whirlwind 9 days of family, friends, hiking, photos, travel, and wondering.
One of the few things lacking in this adventure was - sleep. I'm hoping to catch up on that soon... okay, now.
But if you like, you're welcome to check out the pics above.
Each one is worth a a thousand words ;)