Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 11

The full moon makes it's way above Mt. Setinel. Strong canyon winds ruffle spring-lush vegetation while a full river swishes by. The sprinkler water tinges off the chain-length fence and wind chimes bounce off a wooden center. 
Nighttime at Creekside.
There is an energy in the air of change. Changing weather, changing landscapes... perhaps more. 
It is our sixth month here. Geronimo, Errin and I are finding our groove, as I pray for whatever final piece will come together for the next six months. For now home is quiet, peaceful and lovely. With music, NPR, books, journaling, bikes in the living room. A simple beauty of space. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nearly Night

In a Montana summer the days take their time to exhale.
Eventually releasing a long, deep, slow breath as evening hours float just before night.
The song birds have much to say, chattering alongside crickets.

Pink and purple light drains from freshwater.
The skies stretches deep teal while stars sleepily emerge.
The air shifts to a mountain chill, staying the slide of glaciers.

Rocky peaks and needled trees silhouette against a deepening blue horizon.
The day decrescendos to lapping water and nocturnal murmurs.
A wild quiet rejoicing.