Monday, November 30, 2009

Support Bones

If you've been reading this for awhile - you know who Bones is. If you forget he's a brilliant vibrant baby raptor. I mean... he's one of my best friends, traveling companions, and favortie musicians. He recently released some original tracks, you should check em out. Even buy a few if you find you can't live without them.

Friday, November 27, 2009


For my birthday I am interested in becoming ... okay... dressing... like a lumberjack or a 80s euro motorcyclist.
Silly - I realize - but the fashionista in me seems to be blossoming with this college town / barista life.
I've spent this holiday doing all of my favorite Thanksgiving holiday things; road trip through the mountains, brilliant music, dinner with loved ones, door buster Black Friday shopping, pizza lunch, and cheesey Christmas movies. On top of all of that, I mixed in some napping, a bath, and lots of phone time.
The only issue is - I wasn't with any of my amazing family, and most of my friends are out of Missoula for the holiday. This Birthday has been very mellow and solitary, but I guess I'd pick that over working any day.
On my way home from the mall today I swung by my P.O. Box and found a card from my grandfather. My family (especially my Mom and Grandpa) have a really hard time understanding or supporting my life in Montana. But I was surprised to read this.

Life Legacies
Thoughts for my Granddaughter on her Birthday
Never stop learning, playing, or finding wonder in the world around you. Live the length of your life, but live the depth of it as well.
There is no use in carrying around worry and regret. They only weigh you down. Always keep yourself open to hope and to love. They give us wings.
in yourself and others. Imperfections keep things interesting. They're the cracks where the light shines through.
and not just in the drawer, tucked away for a perfect day. Surround yourself with things that make you happy, that remind you of the beauty all around us if we only keep our eyes open to it.
follow detours. Sometimes it takes an unexpected an unexpected turn to help us find the life that is waiting for us around the bend. Trust yourself and the path that is meant for you.
(penned in by my Grandpa... as no one else can) And sometimes that means you need the ice cream. Be good to your body, but also to your mind and spirit. You're the only one who can.
you are a gift to this world and a blessing to me. And that will never change.
Love, your Grand-Pa

So- I'm happy to report that I'm pretty sure I do all of those things. As I read the card and saw those beautiful feelings in writing - and realized that that IS how I live my life I was quite pleased.

I'm thinking I should work at a college or run a camp. I'm thinking as long as I'm poor I might as well take out loans and continue with my education.

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and are kicking off the holidays season with all of your favorite people and traditions.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Night Fever... Trailhead Style

I toss chopped tates (po tatoes) in a skillet with Greek Marinade, let them soften up. I toss in yellow pepper, kidney beans, and let it all blend together with the fresh ground salt and pepper. Original recordings of Woodie Guthrie twang and bounce off the warm glowing faux wood paneled walls. Geronimo and Tikka have put themselves to bed. When my concoction is ready I grate feta cheese over my steaming bowl. Dinner with a side of Bluegrass- yes please.
Hillary is out with her boyfriend and others, doubting I'm sure, that I'll meet them downtown. Emily just walked through the door - home from her first Missoula Maulers hockey game.
I've waited years to have a home to myself, and ever since I've moved in here and acquired furniture I think of a lot of reasons to hang at home instead of go out. In fact I even printed some photos and ... taped them... to the walls of our living room the other night (I know, that's far less sexy than HANGING photos on the wall, but one step at a time).
I remember all the fun times Hillary and I had sneaking away from Field Camp this summer, and I think ... "you should get it together, put on some boots and a dress, and dance it up tonight".
I think about work today and how it'll feel early rolling into Southgate Mall at 9:30 tomorrow. We're already making big plans for Sunday, since it's the first one I don't have to work in a few weeks. We'll probably hit up one of the oldest churches around Missoula - St. Xavier Cathedral.
So with sleeping dogs, a full belly, Emily dipping into her hot cocoa canister, opening her book Captivating, and harmonica on my laptop speakers - downtown will probably have to wait for a night that feels more "weekend" to me.
Boring and lame? Maybe. But I feel very very content =)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

National Geographic

National Geographic is airring their special on the Appalachian Trail Tuesday November 10 6pm EST.
It looks like it'll be pretty good... especailly since my friends are in it. Most of it was shot in 2008, and the Katahdin summit footage was shot the same day I climbed the mountain, a few hours before I was on top.
I know you guys have been peeping my pictures and writing... but I'm sure I haven't even tipped the iceberg of all that is - the A.T.
So check out the show.
I'm not sure where I'll find cable to watch... any volunteers to record it for me? =)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Thick stormy blue clouds hover just over the western mountains, seperating them between the dusky sky. They look like clouds I saw so many nights around Glacier this summer - dark, deep, gargantuan ... over Lake McDonald or the Middle Fork of the Flathead River.
We have quite a few picture windows in our home, and moments like these I'm not sure if I should bask in the view beyond the glass or savor what's on my side - The warm glow and candles and lamp light against wood walls. Emily, Tikka, and Geronimo all curled up, napping, on Kristin's futon, while a load of drying laundry tumbles in the background. Quiet - peaceful - like a Christmas Carol in the dead of winter.
It's dark so early these days. Almost 6, almost dark. SUCH a stark difference to our 11pm dusks in Glacier this summer. Sometimes I think we have a long cold dark winter ahead of us. Sometimes I'm excited for that.
After two days of wandering through passing storm clouds, wind whipped prarie lands, mountaintops, and the corners of my heart I thought I might sit to write - unload a bit. But sitting here and typing here I realize that's not where I'm at.
I climbed up, over, and down my first mountain since May on our family adventure today. To watch clouds race shadows over a landscape, have feathery larch needles shed in my fingers, and see the whole glacial lake missoula valley where I live... made me love Montana. Love mountains. Love the journey.
But at home now I realize I have little understanding of love and there is little to unload.
Just the blues of dusk, the glow of small lights, grunting dogs, and two captivating available women.
It is what it is.