Monday, May 24, 2010


The further I ventured into Tennessee the more a southern mountain land I love came alive.
Air strong and thick with honeysuckle.
Cool night breeze.
Ligtening bugs flickered my beacon east, east to the Blue Ridge
Another night of car sleeping, and one final day of crazy driving cruised me into Virginia.... hey momma rock me....
I had nearly crossed the New River when.... little CR-V stopped.... on the interstate... 50 miles from my parents house.
Long story short - I got towed into Roanoke, first face I saw was my FAVORITE mechanic =) as I hopped out of the tow truck, threw my arms in the air and said "CHARLIE! I'm back from Montana!!! and my car won't work". Timing belt - gone, but the valves don't appear to be bent, and I have a niiiiiice buffer of time before I need to be cruising again to Ohio and then Luray.
It even happened early enough to still attend my little brother's 21 birthday dinner with the rest of my family.
Point is - I'm in Virginia. Tired but safe.
Goodnight song of the south

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My first love was a castle in the sky...

After a week of life in the southwest I am officially eastern bound.
Most of my day was spent driving across Arizona and New Mexico; hot sun, intense wind, and many many miles. By the time I crossed the Texas state line a landscape of sand and shrub shifted into sparse green grass, and as I rolled my windows down in Oklahoma there I was - the thick humid southern air poured in around me and mo.
The thoughts and feelings I've had during this move are constantly surprising me. I'm grieving the separation from Montana; long summer twilights, the crispiness of rock and snow paired with lush fields and rivers. I have reconnected with community gone from my side for far too long.... and today as I crossed the imaginary boundaries out of the west, and a found myself a few miles closer to the green, swaying, Appalachians I felt better about what I was traveling towards...
A few more miles remain...
As this buffer dwindles and I near the other side of the country, the eastern side, I am so full.
Geography, journey, love, fellowship
always scheming always dreaming
very thankful for a little more buffer to work though these matters of the heart

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sandy Eggo

Guitars pulse this heart, blood of fellowship and music flow freely in this beautiful San Diego sunshine.
I hiked two miles on the Pacific Crest Trail before holing up in the shade of a juniper yesterday and waiting for Bones and Low. After repacking the CR-V twice and strapping various things to the roof the four of us (including Geronimo) decided the most cost efficient way to spend a few days together was at Bones' place. And here we are.
The home is cozy soft, clean and crisp, and so comfortable even this Appalachian/ Rocky Mountain girl finds herself at ease in a California life.
Packing up ice axes and other PCT snow gear, eating fresh strawberries, and checking out Jan's herb garden are intermittent commercial breaks to the strumming song radiating from this visit.
Thank God for Bones and Low.

Monday, May 17, 2010


My final days in Montana were scattered with packing, moving, making memories to last until the next Montana visit, as well as the usual 40 hour work week. The final moments were bittersweet and kinda hectic.
My drive to Utah was long with great weather and uneventuful traffic problems. By the time I rolled into Toph's driveway in Moab I was ready to curl up in a real bed, break down, and sleep ..... none such luck.
I've now been in Moab, Utah nearly four days. We've played homemade games with friends, slept in a yurt, drove and hiked through red rock canyons with secret streams lush with spring green cottonwoods, biked around town, bar be qued and yes - even sailed.
I still miss Montana and my buds there and feel a little separated prematurely from that place. BUT after this lay over with the Beitners I feel recharged as an adventurer enough to pack it up and move it out for the next leg of this journey. Ten hours of driving and about 30 hours of time stand between my Low and Bones reunion....
What to do in between ??? Kick it in Las Vegas? Check out the Mojave? Who knows....
Whoo hooo I love the road!

Friday, May 7, 2010

This is all that we have till we turn out the light...

Big day today....
After 8 hours of barista bliss I rushed to the bank, then home to assist in the disassembly and packing of Kristin's furniture.... 19 pieces if you include the tables and legs separately. Well - I helped with some stuff, I also cooked a dinner of Kraft Mac and Cheese while they did heavy lifting =) Regardless - Kristin's (my) furniture is gone, saran wrapped, and padded - put away until her new beginning when fall semester rolls around for her graduate program.
Honey, the neighborhood runaway dog decided to visit during the moving chaos. Once the truck was gone the three dogs and I played some fetch at our greening neighborhood park.
By 6pm our landlord visited with three new tenants, explaining lease agreements and signing papers, papers that will end up prorating May's rent and terminating my financial obligations to Montana life. A new barista I've been training and quick new friend calls, and we're walking dogs by the river, sharing life stories and reveling in each other's company. A few days ago I talked to Toph about being bummed to leave Montana now that things have taken a turn for the better..... "ahhh, new boyfriend?" he teases..... "no actually..... new girlfriend...." I tease back. Seriously though - amazing companionship lately. Refreshing.
8pm store meeting at work.... WORK what a duldrum topic I won't vent about or divulge here - now , because it's so petty and inconsequential. Point being - most co workers are great and micro managing is ridiculous.
I drive Emily and her dog Opal home, where we exchange purging clothes piles and eat rocky road ice cream. We talk adventures, dynamics, gardening, MOTH.
By 11 I am home again with Geronimo topping this day burnt at both ends with a splash of red wine.

So it is as it was in the beginning. Me and Mo on a pile of blankets on the floor, simple and excited for things to come.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

oh baby baby it's a wild world

Blossoms shake in the wind, forefront of a snowy peaked backdrop.
Though May arrives these skies are cold and cloudy.
Intricate and complex.
Breeze swoops in this window and fills my lungs.
Mouth to mouth just as I was gasping for breath.
Coming to, coughing, dazed and heart full
I scan these horizons with hope coupled by yearning not meant for words.