Monday, February 27, 2012

February 26, 2011 6pm I81 S

light melts into the horizon
silhouettes stand stark against dusky hues

we find sharper truth with poignant illumination

middle ground swirls around rooted steadfastness
a symbiotic existence - against the odds

we find deeper beauty with coexisting conflict

pierced in the dusk
a dynamic transience of light and shifting shadow

I am happily at home

a crepuscular creature
curious with sensory and motion and stillness

left only to thankfulness

Saturday, February 11, 2012

North Country Girl

Hiking through the rugged White Mountains of New Hampshire afforded me many life lessons / experiences. Dense coniferous forests, mosses, carnivorous plants, rugged rocky ridges - defying treeline, cloud mist, and many other weather phenomenon. They had been highly touted amongst my friends who marinated in their enchantment previously - but it wasn't until being engulfed - and perhaps looking back - that I wrap my head around them.
At street crossing you'll find interpretive signs - explanations of plant and animal species of these great northern forests. Somewhat reminiscent for me of Montana. Strange eerie not exactly silence to walk through - a boreal forest. Wind is tangible, palpable whisping needles sil nylon. I came to listen to it - allow the enchantment to pull me deeper and further north.
Not that I enjoyed every moment of my time with Boreas - he was at times too loud, too forceful, too unrelenting - but for the most part he allowed myself and travel companions safe and euphoric traveling through these enchanting forests.
There are few times I've been with him since. Occasionally on a no so quiet night in Montana, or a treed summit in Virginia, or tonight.
Tonight for nearly the first time this winter I find my life and nature aligning. I walk outside with a down blanket wrapped around me, stars gleaming.
And I exhale.
Brushing my lips, caressing my hair, drawing my heart forward in my chest.
Alluring. Cleansing. Strange and wild comfort.
Tell me soft secrets on your silent roaring winds. That you and I, remember each other as fair and lovely.
Boreassssss I whisper back.
And return indoors to the fire.