Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thru Hike Plans

So most of you know I'm leaving soon to walk the miles on the Appalachian Trail between Georgia and Maine. The plan is to leave Daleville May 15, head north. Hopefully I'll reach Katahdin in September, then drive to Springer in GA. So I'll be walking Georgia north to Daleville September-Nov with the plan of being back among friends and family by Thanksgiving.
Granted these are all dynamic plans with a lot of adventure and flexibility in between. I'll keep you guys posted though =)

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samtower said...

okay, so a slight change of plans for me. my may is going to be filled (hopefully) with substitute teaching every day so i can save up some cash. i've also got a weekend float trip planned for memorial day weekend with some cronies. but....i still want to hook up with you for the first two weeks of june. i realize this may be tough to plan out, but if you think this would work, let me know. we could figure out how far you'll get between may 15, and june 1 and find a place to hook up. i've been gathering gear and after my life anniversary i should have everything i need. i'm thinking definitely from june 1 or 2 through june 13 or 14. you can email me at or myspace message me back. later cous!!