Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm in the Daleville VA area rambling with good friends and catching up with my family. Hopefully I'll get a job soon and nestle in for the winter. I'm planning to work, save money, then get back to Fontana Dam sometime in March or April and wrap up this AT traverse. I miss living outside but it's kind of nice to wake up in a queen size pillowtop bed, under a down comforter and quilt made by my great grandmother, roll over, and see the snow falling through the window on the Appalachians. Geronimo is happy with life now too. We both hike and ramble a lot but spend a significant amount of time being couch potatoes. I set out on the AT hoping to hike the whole thing by Thanksgiving, which is also my birthday this year. When I was in Georgia and realized that wasn't going to happen I had to reevaluate my journey and philosophy. This shifting of heart and mind was pretty hard for about a month. I am at peace, even in happy awe with how things are shaping up. Despite them constantly turning down unexpected avenues they've all been beautiful, shaping, with good stories, so for now I say - bring it. I may not have walked the whole AT before turning 24 BUT as it is I may get to live AT life more or less for 12 months instead of 5-6. AND I get to travel to Keyser WV to be with my extended family for Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of all time. So during this holiday season I wish you the best of times, most unexpected times, and beautiful wild stories to last- a lifetime =)


Tom Atkins said...

A quick note from a stranger, just letting you know I have enjoyed your sharing of your journey along the way. It reminded me of hiking I did many years ago when I was younger and hiked the trail for weeks, instead of the day hikes that are now my norm. Thank you for your sharing.

Linda Lee said...


You add the music... Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Rebekah! Happy Birthday to you!

You will be older and wiser when you join the AT.

Keep the faith,
Your PenMar Friend,
Linda Lee :o)