Friday, March 13, 2009

Window- OPEN

Winter and directionless has finally broke!

April 4 return to Fontana Dam, walk north on the AT to Damascus, drive to Bland, walk to Daleville by
May 15 Trailaversary (day I started this whole journey 2008)
May 16ish Trail Days in Damascus VA with many close friends from my Daleville-Katahdin stretch, including Low and Bones!!! just in time to grab Bones and
May 18 ish start the epic westward drive to Montana (with a few stops in between naturally)
May 29- end o August Work and live in Glacier National Park for the Glacier Institute Field Camp

Only two huge questions linger:
Who will keep Geronimo May 29- late August?
Where will I work after Glacier Institute?

Many thanks to all of you for your constant love support and prayers (especailly my extended family, The Botetourt Commons community, and my PENMAR FAMILY!!!). If you have suggestions as to the answer of my lingering questions ideas are mucho appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

Hi PenMar AT Girl,

Good to hear some spark in your writing. Will your future AT schedule complete your goal of hiking the AT? I don't know the locations so I was wondering.

Geronimo suggestion... ask your veterinarian if they know of someone that could FOSTER your Geronimo. Or put a note on the bulletin board at your church asking for a FOSTER home. Geronimo is a perfect dog for someone that wants the experience of loving a dog for a short period of time.

What I can do... I know what to pray for and I will start that praying today.

God already knows your heart and your every need. He is taking care of it. Keep the Faith!

Love ya,
Linda Lee
(your PenMar family)