Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A walk in the park?

WHOEVER made up that saying in reference to Great Smokey Mountain National Park was off hteir rocker! I've been having a great time back on the AT. It all started with a static-y but fulfilling and surprising roa trip with Maggie and MAtt to Fontana Dam. (pics to come later). Cowboy camped under gorgeous stars an hiked on a buggy warm day the next day. Monday snow started, Tuesday snowed all day. I'm making good time and miles - all things considered. But all thingings considered I traveresed the highest peak on the AT today and cruised 12 ish miles in 2 feet of snow. It's goot to be in Gatlinburg tonight, warm, with new friends! More to come later! Gotta get some sleep and hike again tommorrow. Pushing hard to get out of these high elevations and get my easter candy CRAB Low and Erin mailed to Standing Bear!!!

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Linda Lee said...

Happy Easter PenMar AT Girl,

Hopefully you saw a beautiful sunrise today. Today being resurrection day I trust you will be able to reflect and have a good day.

In my prayers for a safe hike.

Luv Ya,
Linda Lee
Your PenMar Family