Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Night Fever... Trailhead Style

I toss chopped tates (po tatoes) in a skillet with Greek Marinade, let them soften up. I toss in yellow pepper, kidney beans, and let it all blend together with the fresh ground salt and pepper. Original recordings of Woodie Guthrie twang and bounce off the warm glowing faux wood paneled walls. Geronimo and Tikka have put themselves to bed. When my concoction is ready I grate feta cheese over my steaming bowl. Dinner with a side of Bluegrass- yes please.
Hillary is out with her boyfriend and others, doubting I'm sure, that I'll meet them downtown. Emily just walked through the door - home from her first Missoula Maulers hockey game.
I've waited years to have a home to myself, and ever since I've moved in here and acquired furniture I think of a lot of reasons to hang at home instead of go out. In fact I even printed some photos and ... taped them... to the walls of our living room the other night (I know, that's far less sexy than HANGING photos on the wall, but one step at a time).
I remember all the fun times Hillary and I had sneaking away from Field Camp this summer, and I think ... "you should get it together, put on some boots and a dress, and dance it up tonight".
I think about work today and how it'll feel early rolling into Southgate Mall at 9:30 tomorrow. We're already making big plans for Sunday, since it's the first one I don't have to work in a few weeks. We'll probably hit up one of the oldest churches around Missoula - St. Xavier Cathedral.
So with sleeping dogs, a full belly, Emily dipping into her hot cocoa canister, opening her book Captivating, and harmonica on my laptop speakers - downtown will probably have to wait for a night that feels more "weekend" to me.
Boring and lame? Maybe. But I feel very very content =)

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