Wednesday, January 6, 2010

With a little help.

There are shades of blue and green in Montana I have never seen. Glacial turquoise lakes, alpenglow dusks set against snowy peaks. I wait in anticipation a clear January sky darkens. I conjure mirages of the northern lights on the horizon, my belly growls.
My neighbor across the alley just yelled and cursed out Geronimo, Mo was scared. My dying crotchety old neighbor is probably the worst part about living here .... he stands at the glass sliding door of his double wide, gazing across his perfectly manicured lawn in nowhere Missoula, waiting for Mo or I to do something that pisses him off, so he can yell at either or both of us. Delore. Delore pisses ME off. But tonight - for the first time - I was thinking who cares. Let him stare. Stalk. Scream. Let him poison his life... not mine... I have enough to worry about.
I've spent the past few days trying to get my head on straight, heart directional... and freakin make some money already. Where to go? What to do?
I plan on applying to some career oriented positions and some graduate programs, a geographical smattering of options... and see where that takes me.
I'm so sick of the perpetual application process. But maybe this time it won't be so bad.... this time I'm not so alone.


Linda Lee said...

Dear Sweet PenMar AT/Montana Girl,

By now I hope you have been delivered from your neighbor's issues. A fact of life is that there are some MEAN people in the world. We all have one once in a while. Yours just happens to pick on you and your dog.

Take a deep breath and DO NOT SINK to his level. Most of all keep your faith when dealing with him.

Sorry! Sorry! sending you a hug from your PenMar family. Sit back and enjoy.

It has been Montana cold in Maryland. Be glad you are over the AT.

Linda Lee

Anonymous said...
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Linda Lee said...

Hey Girl,

Need to hear from you. Just a sentence or two that you are OK.

How about some picture, especially Geronimo!

Linda Lee :~>