Sunday, March 18, 2012


Although this winter has been mild and mostly snowless, I found myself hibernating in a sense. Digging in those heels to hunker down into a survivor mentality of a "what must be done" focus.
I find investment levels to be high, with small daily triumphs but little over-arching payback.
And ready or not, the trees wake up.
The past two weeks have afforded me multiple epic walks - on mountain ridges, through city alleyways - with family and dear friends.
Somewhere in the steady pace of genuine fellowship while new petal blossoms rain around us I feel a new season approaching - around me and in me.
So much anxiety from this fall as winter approached is melting away while my little nook of the planet warms.
And I am grateful - for a dynamic life, the blessing of landing on my feet, and fresh opportunities.
Spring always surprises me.

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