Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crossin State Lines!

Yesterday Shakedown and I made it to West BY GOD Virginia. The walkin was pretty good, but gypsy moths are everywhere. The past week has been pretty rocky trail and mentally it is tiring. Coming down the mtn today our first view of the Shenandoah River was uplifting. The smell of it, the sight of it, the coolness of its breeze, I about threw down my pack to wait on my kayak and get down to the heart of things... alas... not tooo much river for me for awhile =( But it was beautiful, and strengthening. So Harpers Ferry right now, the town is quaint. I almost feel like I'm backpacking through Europe here, steep historic streets, stone ruins, evening light, bikes and backpacks... wish I could tarry here. Next stop Pine Grove Furnace in PA =) Maybe just maybe I'll try the half gallon challenge!
Love and miss you all! Bound and Geronimo
ps- weight count -10 pounds since Dville

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Josiah said...

Hey--there is a nice hostel just before the Penn. border called the Free State Hiker Hostel. I don't know if you are hitting the hostels up but the family that runs it were super nice and they have internet, washer/dryer, music, game rooms, and a great shower. I am not sure about your dog. Anyways--you can order pizza there as well if you are so inclined. We saw a huge rattle snake on the trail in Maryland just before we got to the hostel. I guess you know---I am doing the second half of the trail next summer. Ran out of money--bummer huh? I think it will be good though. Enjoy your trip! I bet that haircut has kept things a lot cooler for ya huh?

Respect (Josiah)