Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'd like to be a part of it... in old... NYYYYY

Unionville NY has treated me to a shower, free ride, dinner, laundry, and lots of smiles at the MAYOR'S house. More good times to come I'm sure. So the deal is I've been in NJ a few days now. I've seen my first glacial lake, 1.5 bears, an amazingly hospitable night at Mohican Outdoor Center, some swamps and nasty bugs, really incredible views, great lake swimming, the highest point in NJ, and just may find myself in NYC in the next couple weeks. I'm looking forward to Pawling NY and amazing amazing Angie, I'll stay in NY state for awhile by this weekend. Geronimo is with lil pig Fisch and his boyfriend Jeb right now, seems to be having a good time. I finally been making/ sticking with buddies out here and it's really nice. Circumstance, Mooch, Buffet. I met a lot of few folks while hiking south and now a bunch of old buddies and new friends are all kickin it at the Mayor's, talking life, philosophy, the trail, real world, etc; always a welcomed respite. I may be in the market for a bug net very soon. My gear overall is doing well, but it's so muggy and humid around here. This morning as Circ and I hiked along the ridge to High Point State Park we swore an ocean breeze was driftitng in from NYC blowing the bugs away- very refreshing. I'll try to post more pics soon. I keep forgetting to mention a few more valuable trail lessons:
I've been peeing standing up since my first week on the trail.
I've lost 13 pounds.
When you hike alone you have no one to complain to.
Hanging your hammock in a shelter is not a bad idea.
Drink at least one beer nearly every chance you get.
Smile at strangers and friends often.
Being a southerner with a western flair is a glorious thing.
Hikers appreciate Opera and many other finer things in life; we are simple, but constantly seeking beauty.
When it rains the newts come out =D
I love Camp Alta Mons fiercer than words could ever tell.

Botetourt Commons folks: I think about my old life and your smiling faces and hope you're all doing incredibly well!
Alta Mons: You KNOW you are in my heart and prayers. I am sorry our lives in the woods keep us from talking more but I know soulfully we are together.
VA friends: Thanks so much for Geronimo shuffling, trail pep talks, stashing my stuff at your places, running errands for me, etc.
MT and western friends: I WANT TO SEE YOU AND THE WEST SO BAD =) We'll see how life goes after this adventure.
International and rambling nomadic buddies: I often day dream about where my travels and your travels are taking/ will take us. I am amazed at what this world puts before our feet, I hope sometime very soon to see you again with a warm embrace. (veg, you little stalker, you're gorgeous and I want to meet Anthony, and I still have my matching thigh scar from my river kisses and your bear attack... just so you know I'm not holding out pictures on you ;)

Muchos amour =*

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veg said...

you forgot a shoutout for your international friends! love you veg. thinking of you and following you around!