Monday, July 28, 2008

Marsh achusetts

I am in Dalton Mass. The first day or so of walking the MA AT while water ran down like a river was sort of exciting. Hours of current watching, eddies, mini hydraulics. It was almost like paddling, but sans swimming and carrying a pack. Now however, nearly a week later of thunderstorms, mosquitoes, swamps, water, sloshing around, falling in the muck and mud, walking through lightning, my gear and clothes never drying- I am sick of it. I will likely stay in my first hotel room of the trip tonight- alone. Thank God. After being around 10-20 people most nights for the past week and unwanted male attention I want to spread out all my stuff, and sit alone, dry, bugless, quiet in a room. A couple miles south of town today I slid in the clay-mud walking down a mountain... I had to sniff real hard and deep not to cry... pulled myself back up... moped into town and found a vanilla chai latte. The library is a quiet drone of computer monitors and ac, sickly comforting. I will be in Vermont in a few days, and I hope the bugs and muck subsides. I dream of mountains, real trail, and loving comfort support by my side.
Geronimo is in Virginia at my parents house. After Maggie gets moved into her new WV place near the Dolly Sods he will probably stay with her until I can have him again. That will likely be before I go to Georgia, after the Smokies, or after I finish the trail. I'm not quite sure yet. He is fattening up and his feet are healed. I miss him terribly, but he's happier there than he would be here.
Love to you all =*


Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Rebekah... Keep on keeping on! Do you need permission to cry, if so GO AHEAD. God gave us tears for a reason. You deserve to use them.

Here is the July 29 Cherokee Devotional - It helps to turn away from daily events to the quiet of nature and feel the peace that permeates the wooded land, the silent hills, and all the wildlife that lives there.

At midday, a woodchuck suns himself. A coyote walks the craggy hill with tail tucked under as though he is already proven guilty. A raccoon sits on a high branch watching the world of nature. And it may be a place of quiet--but never of inactivity and never without reason. But somehow simply watching it balances human problems with inner spirit, and it is something to recall when the disorder tries to rule.

Is this what you long for? Those of us sitting in offices do. I know you are struggling, but you have come so far. Keep thinking of why you decided to start this journey.

Glad to hear "Mo" is doing better. He is a great guy. You made the right decision.

Keep the Faith! Prayers and hugs for you always.

Your friend from PenMar,
Linda Lee

Anonymous said...

sBound...thought I'd say a warm hello from the trail. Hope all continues to perk up for ya as Vermont will no doubt lift up your spirits with her beauty and culture. I'll remember the fun from NY, but now its on to complete this marvelous New Enland section within the next five days. Crossed into Mass. yesterday with good prospects of getting to Upper Goose for Pancakes two from now.

best wishes in the jouney.

Anonymous said...

I think you're right about Geronimo being happier here, as I look to my right at him sleeping on the couch with his paws and head layin on the armrest. haha, what a great dog :-)

Ben(your little, burly brother)

Anonymous said...

thinking about you, good luck, hope that hotel was just perfect and that latte too.
have you gotten a mosquito net?
glad to hear mo is feeling better and happier.
love you girl

Anonymous said...

Bekah... just got caught up on you! me and carson are looking at your pics and thinking of you. Sounds like you have had a rough week!!!!!! i talked to your mom and she said Ryan was heading to hike a couple weeks with you! I am so glad! I don't know how you are doing this! You are so strong and brave, this experience will/has certainly changed you, huh? I love you so so much and hope to talk to you asap!