Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rivers Run Thru it

Shifting my entire mind, heart, journey these past days. I've made it to the Natahala Outdoor Center on the beautiful Natahala River in North Carolina. It has been hard times hiking, pill popping, crawling into my sleeping bag to escape the cold and dark. It is beautiful, it is hard, it is - a driving force to soul search and dig for strength. I'm rethinking my reasons for each step, I'm trying to shake the confines of "the appalchian trail culture" and make this walk, these views, these moments, MINE. So I might be doing some weird stuff the next couple months. Am I sick of the AT? never. I'm only sick of feeling sick and tired. Thanks for your continued love, support, and understanding. Know that all of you are never far from my thoughts, heart, and prayers, especially in these hard times. I love you. As always - I'll keep you posted =)


Allen Campbell said...


I am planning a hike in the Mt Rogers area the weekend of Nov 15th. Carrie may be coming as well. Do you think you will be in the area by that time? If not let me know where you will be and we can meet you. I can't wait to hear about your journey thus far. We have hiked the Otter Creek wilderness a couple of weeks ago, but I'm sure that pales compared to your adventure. Remember....life is an adventure, so keep going.

Contact either Carrie or me if you can to let us know where you will be around that time. Let us know what "goodies" you want.

We are proud of you.

Big Al

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, You stay true to yourself and you will do and be where you are suppose to be!! I can only imagine how diffucult this must be! Take care and be safe! Hugs, Cindy lou

Linda Lee said...

Hey Rebekah...

When you get thru being "Sick and Tire", try being "Tire and Sick"!

Love to you... I will keep telling you "Keep on Keeping On!" and most important "Keep the Faith"!

Boy, WE have traveled far together since June '08. :o)

Hugs and Prayers,
Your PenMar Friend... Linda Lee