Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Southern Comfort

Still in Hiawassee, still sick physically but doing alright overall. In all my philosphy and rambling I forgot to tell you guys a few things. The men who run the Hiawassee Inn make me cinnamon toast and hot chocolate. My first evening in town I dined with 2 other hikers at a family steakhouse... the buffet was chicken pot pie, collard greens, mashed potates, rolls, cornbread, pinto beans, beets, fried chicken, salad, apple cobbler, cheesecake. The waitress was prompt on refilling our pink lemonade, iced tea, and DrPepper. I started looking around the room- wooden craft signs saying "the power of prayer" "god bless you" and other Jesus paraphanalia hung on the walls. Around 7pm the room of mostly senior citizens cleared out, I followed a strange murmer of music to the bathroom. The entire foyer was decorated with collector's plates, paintings, of Gone witht he Wind- even a life size cardboard replica of Scarlett O Hara. The music- an everyone's welcome evening gospel bluegrass session. =) I started noticing this town more after that. Nearly everyone tells me "God Bless you". It is written on the side of car mechanic garages and beauty salons. The baptist church is perhaps the biggest building in town, after Ingles and the hospital. It is sunny and brilliant with chilly nights. Even though I'm sick and in a hotel, it's nice to feel... southern again.


Linda Lee said...

"WHY?"... To wonder. To breathe. To move. My new motto for the week as I get up in my world.

Sorry you have been sick. Hope by the time you read this you are better.

Loved your writings... Your Virginia -- "Home is where the heart is!"

Keep On Keeping On!

Love, Hugs and Prayers to you -- Your PenMar Friend,
Linda Lee

Anonymous said...

Hey Bound,

Quite the multi-media extravaganza you've got going here. I like it.

I'm sorry to hear that you have been having a tough time. Hang in there. Finishing was nice, but being done is weird. I would love to be hiking right now. It's just better than the so-called "real world."

Good luck and have fun. We're all thinking of you.

Brown Bag

Ray Jones said...

Hey, Bound! We enjoyed meeting you last weekend. You were the highlight of the trip... The beauty, too! We did not get to Albert Mt. We decided to take our time and enjoy the beauty of nature and one another. So, we did not let the goal get in the way! It was great sharing faith with you. It's cool knowing that the body of Christ is every where you look. Thanks for your grace and wisdom. By the way, Penny had a great trip. She's been backpacking with me for nine years. She loves it! And I love sharing the woods with her. She is an amazing dog! You will stay in my prayers. Please keep us posted.


Ray Jones said...


I forgot to leave my email! Again, great meeting you...