Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick Update

I have a roof and four walls in Missoula! You can still reach me via my PO Box. Geronimo and I will be living with the fabulous new Pharmacy school student Emily from Minnesota and her chocolate lab Tikka. We've got a lot of furniture aquiring and decorating to do =)
Work is great. On top of selling gear and clothes downtown and at the mall I'm also learning the very scientific complicated socially attuned art of being a barista. (how many shots of espresso would you like?)
Now that I've taken my yearly pilgrimage to Fernie BC and don't have to house hunt every spare minute things should mellow out into fall as Montana prepares for the winter.
But then again... you never can tell what God will put in your path.

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Linda Lee said...

PenMar AT Montana Girl,

Glad to hear a smile in your report.

My heart is so happy that you and Geronimo are together. You both deserve each other.

Wish Maryland was closer I have furniture that you could use. :~(

As always love the pictures.

On a sad note... one of the members of your PenMar family passed away 9/23. If you still have the picture he is the older gentlemen to the left. He is in Heaven so how could we be completely sad.

Take care keep the reports coming.
Keep the faith.

Linda Lee