Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Snippet

Life has been pretty mellow lately. It seems I've finally got the knack of pulling espresso shots, steaming milk, and understanding what flavor does to a beverage .... now cooking actual meals for myself once I'm home is another story. Why is it that when you work 40 hours a week... the LAST thing you'll do when you get home is whatever you do at work... whether it's cook, clean dishes, fold clothes, or even counsel people?
Having Emily and Tikka back in the house is a warm change of pace from the beginning of January. Despite all of this I get a little stir crazy - wanting to move through physical and geographic space, and feeling financially stifled. Hopefully my Virginia venture in a few weeks will appease my appetite for motion.
I took a drive through the bitterroots today after walking around Blue Mountain with Em and Tik. Different mountains gleamed in a sunlight breaking through clouds. Forty degree weather seemed to beg the barter of $2 tip money for 2 McDonald's ice cream cones.... Geronimo eats his SO fast...
I saw familiar places where I slept mere months ago. I thought about the friends that guided me through that life chapter, smiling at ragged peaks and quilted relationships.
Home again home again I crawled into bed ... Mo quick to follow.
It is a quiet, simple, almost comfortable life we lead.

Snuggled under sheets, down, quilts, and my favorite dog, Bones' music soothes me from the inside-out.

I highly recommend welcoming him into your home.

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Linda Lee said...

Hey PenMar AT/Montana Girl,

Winter! Winter! Ugh! 30 inches of SNOW here in Maryland. We are up to over 60 inches of SNOW this Winter, which is big for us. I imagine SNOW is not a 4-letter word to Montana.

Glad to hear all is well/better for you. Keeping the faith is all so important. After 60 years of life that is the big thing I have learned and most of all appreciated.

Check out this Great Dane...

Didn't get to check out for any new pics today. Will do soon.

Love and Hugs,
Linda Lee
PenMar Family