Sunday, June 6, 2010


When these southern Appalachians cool off in the aftermath of a fierce summer storm they are nothing short of intoxicating. Evening light floods the valley to the east of the ridge that Shenandoah National Park encompasses. Leaves whisper in the post rain breeze. Memories rush into corners of my mind and heart, flooding out the cobwebs of my eastern life, put there by many months in the Rocky Mountains. Last night I watched lightening bugs sparkle a Christmas in June show in the treeline past my cousin's backyard with Steve, Lora, Thunder and Day Tripper.
Work is overwhelming.
I'm still getting used to these surroundings and the operating procedures around Mountain Campus. Every day gets a little more comfortable, and the staff is welcoming, professional, passionate about outdoor education, and kind.
Stay tuned... more to come soon!


Anil P said...

Lovely imagery you conjured up with your words. Am trying to imagine what the pictures must look like with your description.

Linda Lee said...

Hey PenMar AT/Montana/Virginia Girl,

I am so glad you are back. Hope all your dreams and expectations are coming to light as much as they can. Remember that life is full of SEASONS. Enjoy this season knowing that things will change as you let them.

Be happy always; and always, always keep God in your life.

Hoping that Geronimo is by your side as only a pet can be. A pet's love always amazes me.

Sorry if it seems that I have been away from you. Please know you are thought of frequently and prayed for often.

Love ya Kido,
Linda Lee