Friday, June 20, 2008

Above the Mason Dixon

This afternoon I found myself sippin a Jolly Scot at the Doyle Hotel in Duncanon, PA. After thru hiker banter, the beer, mozerella chz stx, two bowls of water for Geronimo, Michelle picked me up to meet the kids and Brian. Caleb's letting me borrow his room and computer, WHAT a gentleman. So this week has been my longest, but maybe not hardest yet. Geronimo and I have averaged 16-17 mile days since leaving Harper's Ferry. His feet are cracking some and my knee is bothering me. We have crossed old confederate roads and buildings in Maryland, had an amazing dance/ music/ meal at Pen Mar thanks to a wonderful family who adopted us on Fathers Day, and walked across... well... a LOT of fields. Aside from fatigue and physical break in Mo and I are very well; more than 400 miles into this trip, less than 400 to Angie our love in NY =) That's walking inspiration =D
A lot of people ask what I do all day. Seriously, I eat, walk, eat, walk, eat, sleep, repeat. I think a lot in between, sometimes sing. I try to read a chapter of Old Testament at night and New Testament in the morning, I've read a lot of books in the bible in a month and a half. I'll be honest though, I have to force myself to do it, most of the time I'd rather just be asleep.
My friends from Pen-Mar put me on the spot asking what I've learned my month in the woods- I drew a blank. I've had many miles to think about it now, so here's my answer; trail philosophy if you will
~The unknown is really not so scary if you're willing to learn it (this goes for bears, snakes, relationships, summer camp programs, etc)
~I would like a partner
~"A quarter mile" is a standard distance people tell you when they don't know how far away something is, if that's their answer, it's usually much further
~Don't add alcohol to a lit stove
~Barrington Bunny was really onto something, and I have never understood that fully until a rainy gray gypsy moth 17 mile day in PA
~Gypsy moths are probably a sign of the apocalypse, I call them gypsy hell
~My family is incredible and we don't know each other nearly well enough
~Pines really do whisper, usually they say "....montana...."
~Anyone walking on the trail for more than two nights who tells you they are not a person of faith is lying to themselves. Reading a book associating "w"s to blue blazes, mileage to white markers in unfamiliar territory down some narrow corridor believes it will get them somewhere, trusts it is true, hopes in the foretold unseen, that my friends is faith. Call God what you will, but if you'll walk this, you have faith.
~As a soul seeking strength in spirit and nature I am much more water bound than earth
~Missing folks is an understood given, I wish I would hear each loved ones voice everyday, friends I wish I could hug and laugh with, but the more I think about it, and replay people/ events/ places in my head and heart, the more I realize you've all given me exactly what I need already, I just have to search and fight to keep it near me even though you are not
~Geronimo is the best dog in the universe
~Eucatastrophe- it's worth looking up, or just ask Shakedown
~I think my phone is messed up, please try to send me lovin anyway, on gloomy days I need that smile.

For now I'm getting some sleep. I'll try and upload pics on my ZERO DAY tomorrow =D OH BABY Thank GOD for family and rest. Peace be with you, send me love, know that I send it right back atcha.


Unknown said...

I love you Rebekah! What airport am I flying into if you had to guess? I love your blog! I only wish the pics were a little bigger. Tell the Mo-man Maximus says "Herro!" His feet are cracking even with his booties on?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update girlie!! I am in awe of you! I hear the whispering of "montana" as well....M

Anonymous said...

Hey Rebekah, so glad to hear from you. I was getting a little worried, but kept praying for you and "Mo". Thanks for the mention. We have spoke of you many times. I offer you my hug, just remember the one I gave you on Father's day. It is good that you use your memories to get you through.

Keep the faith!
Your PenMar Family