Sunday, August 3, 2008


I am in Vermont, have been about 4 days now. The rain, mud, cooler temperatures, and walking on a schedule frequently steer me towards frustration and fatigue. In reality however I am warm enough, dry enough, happy enough, and very blessed by grace and fortune. Currently I'm out of the rain sipping Dutch tea and dutch cookies with a new friend that bought me to town from the trail. In a few (short?) days I plan to be at my college friend Anna's Vermont house, and although she won't be there in person the opportunity to hang out with her mom and spend time in a place she loves so much is very exciting.I plan to keep pushing north, probably without a significant break until Glencliff New Hampshire. That is a tough mental battle, but the reward for the miles in between; Ryan and the Whites keep my dreams sweet and feet moving. Thank you for all the kind words, I'll write more later. Love!


Linda Lee said...

Sweet Rebekah,

You sound a lot better. Glad to hear it. Maryland weather has been hot, but not too hot, after all it is August. Still enjoying sweet corn and tomatoes.

Keep on filling your memory box.

Love to you Kido!
Your Pen Mar Friend,
Linda Lee


Sheri said...

Miss you and love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,Thought I would send you something to make you smile!! May the light always find you on a dreary day; When you need to be home, may you find your way...May you always have courage to take a chance, And may you never find frogs in your underpants. You enjoy your time with Anna,s mom!!
Be safe and ENJOY the journey! Love and Hugs, Cindy Lou

dacia said...


You are pretty much incredible :) I'm SO proud of you and how far you have traveled! Keep your head up chickadee!

your favorite Huckleberry Bucko :)

Anna said...

AHH!! i finally made it here! i saved your voicemail forever so i could check the blog. hurray!!! i didn't even recognize my bedroom window at first. and now...gasp! you're almost done. oh im SO proud of you! and your hair looks AB FAB!!
i think i called you from the road, by anyway we're back and everything is fine, no damage, back to normal. im off to portland on thurs for scott's wedding (gasp! remember when i loved him freshman year?)
Love a BOATLOAD. stay dry