Friday, August 15, 2008

Glencliff NH

Three months after leaving from the Daleville Pizza Hut parking lot I find myself at a hostel in NH, at the base of Mt. Moosalauke, entrance to the White Mountains. Hasty helped me resupply / change out to fall/winter clothes, and we are about ready to shift into wild mountain climbing mode. Leaves are starting to change, it's in the 50's at night, and the sun is starting to shine again. So here's to being epic =) I'll upload pics... sometime... ? Thanks for the warm wishes and prayers (esp PenMar Family) Love and grace be with you.


Anonymous said...

Hey cutie!
Glad to hear you made it to NH. Hope you enjoy "Pass the Pigs!" We enjoy looking at your pictures of that corner of the country.
Much Love,

Hupp said...

You are, without a doubt, my hero. I am so happy to see this dream of yours coming to fruition, and I cant wait to see what dream comes next. Please keep safe and make every moment a memory. See ya!


Linda Lee said...

Hi Rebekah... thanks for the mention. I am so glad that our paths crossed on Father's Day. You are in my heart. Keep on keeping on and ALWAYS know that others are thinking and praying for you.

Can you believe three months already?

Stay as warm and as safe as you can. Always keep your eye on the path you have chosen.

Love and grace be with you also.

Luv Ya,
Linda Lee(your PenMar family)

PS... the pictures will come in time.

beershake! said...

woot woot! so good to hear your still rocking it on the trail! your in for such a treat in the 100 mile wilderness! i just climbed big K wednesday... and I'm already back to work and school... uggg boy i miss the trail already! definitely take your time and enjoy the rest of the trail. still think that night above the hudson river was one of my best nights on the trail.... Take care and i'll be following your hike for sure.
cheers, Beershake!