Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gamble everything for Love

Labor Day Weekend 07 in Grayson Highlands

I haven't done too much since being in Virginia other than cook and hang out with my family. It's strange and disorienting. I have hopes to hike s'more before Christmas but right now things are very fluid. I am beginning to feel a little better physically. My camera was sent off for 2-4 weeks to be assessed and hopefully repaired. "I guess you use this a lot" the Best Buy Geek Squad said... "yeah, I smiled sheepishly... I hike a lot... that's my adventure camera." "You got this in May," he continued "the serial number is worn off".
Geronimo has been the best to bum around with, always ready for trips, rest, or ridiculousness I have a strong feeling I won't return to the AT without him.

A song I first heard from a guy who's become one of my closest fellows on this AT adventure; a happy song


Andrew said...

Hmm...that's a kindof disappointing version of that song. Hey, who's that guy that does a really mindblowing cover of it? Tall, skinny, cute guy with an almost unfair amount of talent? Oh yeah: ME.

Anonymous said...

ahhh if the poor Best Buy guy only knew...once a photog always a photog.


Anonymous said...

Hooray... She is coming back. Rest, Rest, and Rest.

"Geronimo" the wonder dog.

Keep the FAITH!
Luv ya your PenMar Friend,
Linda Lee