Sunday, May 23, 2010

My first love was a castle in the sky...

After a week of life in the southwest I am officially eastern bound.
Most of my day was spent driving across Arizona and New Mexico; hot sun, intense wind, and many many miles. By the time I crossed the Texas state line a landscape of sand and shrub shifted into sparse green grass, and as I rolled my windows down in Oklahoma there I was - the thick humid southern air poured in around me and mo.
The thoughts and feelings I've had during this move are constantly surprising me. I'm grieving the separation from Montana; long summer twilights, the crispiness of rock and snow paired with lush fields and rivers. I have reconnected with community gone from my side for far too long.... and today as I crossed the imaginary boundaries out of the west, and a found myself a few miles closer to the green, swaying, Appalachians I felt better about what I was traveling towards...
A few more miles remain...
As this buffer dwindles and I near the other side of the country, the eastern side, I am so full.
Geography, journey, love, fellowship
always scheming always dreaming
very thankful for a little more buffer to work though these matters of the heart

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