Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sandy Eggo

Guitars pulse this heart, blood of fellowship and music flow freely in this beautiful San Diego sunshine.
I hiked two miles on the Pacific Crest Trail before holing up in the shade of a juniper yesterday and waiting for Bones and Low. After repacking the CR-V twice and strapping various things to the roof the four of us (including Geronimo) decided the most cost efficient way to spend a few days together was at Bones' place. And here we are.
The home is cozy soft, clean and crisp, and so comfortable even this Appalachian/ Rocky Mountain girl finds herself at ease in a California life.
Packing up ice axes and other PCT snow gear, eating fresh strawberries, and checking out Jan's herb garden are intermittent commercial breaks to the strumming song radiating from this visit.
Thank God for Bones and Low.

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