Friday, May 7, 2010

This is all that we have till we turn out the light...

Big day today....
After 8 hours of barista bliss I rushed to the bank, then home to assist in the disassembly and packing of Kristin's furniture.... 19 pieces if you include the tables and legs separately. Well - I helped with some stuff, I also cooked a dinner of Kraft Mac and Cheese while they did heavy lifting =) Regardless - Kristin's (my) furniture is gone, saran wrapped, and padded - put away until her new beginning when fall semester rolls around for her graduate program.
Honey, the neighborhood runaway dog decided to visit during the moving chaos. Once the truck was gone the three dogs and I played some fetch at our greening neighborhood park.
By 6pm our landlord visited with three new tenants, explaining lease agreements and signing papers, papers that will end up prorating May's rent and terminating my financial obligations to Montana life. A new barista I've been training and quick new friend calls, and we're walking dogs by the river, sharing life stories and reveling in each other's company. A few days ago I talked to Toph about being bummed to leave Montana now that things have taken a turn for the better..... "ahhh, new boyfriend?" he teases..... "no actually..... new girlfriend...." I tease back. Seriously though - amazing companionship lately. Refreshing.
8pm store meeting at work.... WORK what a duldrum topic I won't vent about or divulge here - now , because it's so petty and inconsequential. Point being - most co workers are great and micro managing is ridiculous.
I drive Emily and her dog Opal home, where we exchange purging clothes piles and eat rocky road ice cream. We talk adventures, dynamics, gardening, MOTH.
By 11 I am home again with Geronimo topping this day burnt at both ends with a splash of red wine.

So it is as it was in the beginning. Me and Mo on a pile of blankets on the floor, simple and excited for things to come.

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