Monday, May 17, 2010


My final days in Montana were scattered with packing, moving, making memories to last until the next Montana visit, as well as the usual 40 hour work week. The final moments were bittersweet and kinda hectic.
My drive to Utah was long with great weather and uneventuful traffic problems. By the time I rolled into Toph's driveway in Moab I was ready to curl up in a real bed, break down, and sleep ..... none such luck.
I've now been in Moab, Utah nearly four days. We've played homemade games with friends, slept in a yurt, drove and hiked through red rock canyons with secret streams lush with spring green cottonwoods, biked around town, bar be qued and yes - even sailed.
I still miss Montana and my buds there and feel a little separated prematurely from that place. BUT after this lay over with the Beitners I feel recharged as an adventurer enough to pack it up and move it out for the next leg of this journey. Ten hours of driving and about 30 hours of time stand between my Low and Bones reunion....
What to do in between ??? Kick it in Las Vegas? Check out the Mojave? Who knows....
Whoo hooo I love the road!

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